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SPN 7.05 and 3.05 - Contrast in Dean Sleeping

I was watching 7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil looking for something else and in the process stumbled over the newspaper on the table in the motel at the beginning of the episode.  It's the Maple Springs Tribune and has the headline "Two Brothers Slain in Brutal Attack".  

Maple Springs is where 3.05 Bedtime Stories was set and the episode began with a case where two brothers had been killed.  I wondered if there was something about this scene in 7.05 that was like anything in 3.05.  I didn't do a lot of looking but I saw this and thought the comparison shows a lot about Dean and what he's been through.  At the end of 3.05, Dean is sleeping and Sam sneaks out (hello foreshadowing) to go meet the Crossroads Demon to see about getting Dean out of his deal.  This is before Dean goes to Hell.

Wow, sleeping in a t-shirt, at night, under blankets, without boots.

In the beginning of 7.05, he's sleeping and having nightmares about Cas, Sam, and killing Amy. It's a pretty marked contrast. 

It's daytime and Sam is out running.  The bottle of beer is empty.  He's wearing the Red Plaid Shirt of Angst.  Awwww, Dean....

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