September 19th, 2014

Old Ironsides

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Before I was a fangirl for anything else, I loved pirates.  The bumper around the edge of my crib had three small sailors and the caption 'yo ho ho and a bottle of milk'.  My Mom had the soundtrack for the musical Peter Pan with Mary Martin in the title role and Cyril Ritchard as Captain Hook.  I loved the music, especially the Pirate Song.  Every year or so, the musical would be shown on TV and despite the fact that I was scared of just about everything, I loved Captain Hook.  This was long before I had any real idea of what pirates were or what they did.  I really wasn't aware that he was supposed to be the villain, he just had this riveting presence.  He danced and sang and he had the best red (black and gray on our TV) coat, amazing boots and the grandest hat I'd ever seen.  Yo Ho!

Fabulous, isn't he?

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