June 20th, 2014

Summer impala

SPN 9.23 - a look at some caps and my end of the season feelings

Here we are at the end of another SPN season.  As usual, my heart has been bludgeoned and I've cried messy tears.  Maybe they were in response to how the season ended or maybe because of what the season was or could have been.  I wrote this recap because I really needed to find some way to get some closure with S9.  I think I really needed a wake where we all sat around and told good stories about SPN and drank a lot of whiskey.  As it is, I'm going to finish it out the way I started it, with a good word for the actors and the crew, who put in a heck of a lot of effort and work.  This can't have been an easy season to work through.  I figure I'll finish out the season with a look at some things that were nicely done in the filming of the finale.  But for me, this season really messed me up on a personal level and I can't leave that be.  I need closure there just as much.  The comments on the caps are first.  The next bit is more personal.  The last bit is directly to Dean and Sam.  If I treat my reaction to the show as grief of a sort, I was stuck between anger and depression but the writing of this and its million revisions got me closer to acceptance, I think.

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