September 24th, 2013

Wallace and Gromit

30 Days of Supernatural - Day 11 - Favorite Character Introduction

It probably comes as no surprise that my favorite character introduction is Death's.  Up to that point, I would have said Castiel's arrival, followed by college Sam peeking around the door.  I've already gushed about Death.  (That just sounds wrong.)  As the fourth horseman arrived, we had no idea what to expect Death would be like.  Going by the appearance of the other horsemen, Death would probably be a person and come in some kind of pale colored car.  SPN delivered, and how.

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Don't Panic

30 Days of Supernatural - Day 12 - Scariest Episode

I should start this entry by saying that what scares me on the show has more to do with the set-up than whether the monster is nasty looking or the results are gory.  I hate to be startled.  When I get startled, I yell and my fight-or-flight reflex has me swinging.  I get even more freaked out by knowing I'm about to be startled but not knowing exactly when.  Jack-in-the-boxes and horror movies are not my cup of tea.  Scenes of utter stillness before scary action or danger that you know is coming but you don't know from where are what have me hiding behind a pillow, or my favorite defense, turning the sound off.  Ironically, with SPN, it's not really the intendedly scary stuff that usually gets to me, it's things like waiting for Sam to find out Dean killed Amy and have the ensuing fight.  I do hate the torture stuff and usually watch an episode around it.  As far as monsters go, ones that suddenly spring into life are utterly hair-raising.  Following that are creepy children and Dean's face getting warped by Ellie's hellhound-induced vision.

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