September 14th, 2013

S&D in snow

Supernatural 30 Day challenge - Day 1

Day 1 - Sam or Dean? - Yes.  That was a yes/no question, right?

Oh, ok, I started out a Dean girl because I get Dean as older sibling.  I get his taste in cars, pop culture, and music and hanging on to the past with his Dad's old jacket.  I've got the family peacemaker role down to a science.  His loyalty, once given, is close to permanent.  Unfortunately, I understand the depression.  We both snark and deflect when we're uncomfortable talking about emotions.  And I've fallen for the Han Solo character since The Empire Strikes Back.  Plus, Dean is just so damn beautiful.

But over time, I appreciated Sam more and more.  He's grown up a lot.  And then came The Born Again Identitiy and man, I've just loved Sam since then.  In the midst of dying, he's still helping somebody else.  As the seasons go on, it's a lot easier to see Sam for himself and not in terms of what he means to Dean.  I love that he has hope despite everything he's been through.  He wants to make things better.  He's pragmatic and smart.  What I've understood from the get-go with Sam is that sometimes leaving is the only way to survive and figuring out who you are instead of who other people think you should be is crucial to growing up.  Plus, Sam is hot like burning.

If we actually met, I'd be scared of both of the guys.  I'm initially scared of everybody anyhow but these guys would set off every alarm I've got.  Even if that wasn't the case, I doubt Dean and I would like each other much at first.  We'd have a lot of fun snarking at each other though.  Sam and I could hang out any time.  Honestly, I would just end up trying to mother the hell out of both of them.