August 13th, 2012

S&D in snow

Precious Moments

Back in June, I read nyxocity's Big Bang, Like a Fish Out of Water.  I'm not giving anything away that isn't in the summary when I say that Sam, Dean, and Cas settle down in a house that Sam furnishes with things from an estate sale.  The story already has awesome art done by lightthesparks.  The art master post is here.  Some of the furnishings from the estate sale play a funny part in the story, including Precious Moments figurines.  I wondered if anyone had drawn the guys in that style.  I figured if there are chibis and rubber ducks, anything is possible.  I couldn't find any, which doesn't mean they aren't out there.  Here's my attempt at filling that gap and doing my part for fandom.  (Rolls eye because I'm pretty sure the world really didn't need more of these.)


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