February 28th, 2011

Wallace and Gromit

SPN 6.15

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We've had (Anna) Milton with Paradise Lost and now we've had Virgil the Roman poet, author of the Aeneid, who evidently gives Dante his tour of hell and purgatory during the Divine Comedy according to Wiki.  Have some quotes from Virgil that could have been written for SPN, either as they apply directly or how they would be in some perfect SPN world: 

"Omnia vincit amor " "Love conquers all" (Ecl.10.69)

"Arma virumque cano " "I sing of arms and a man" (Aen.1.1)

"Facilis descensus Averni" "Easy is the descent to Hell" (Aen.6.126)

"flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo." "If I cannot bend the higher powers, I will move the infernal regions." (Aen.7.312) (If I can't move heaven, I will raise hell.)

"Audentes fortuna iuvat" "Fortune favors the bold" (Aen.10.284)