Icarus was a test pilot (galwithglasses) wrote,
Icarus was a test pilot

People's Choice Awards and SPN

So this feels a lot like high school. The school dweeb got elected homecoming king because he's a nice guy and he's actually kinda hot.  The football team is pissed because the quarterback didn't win. The Queen-elect is mad because her boyfriend was running also and she doesn't want to be seen with the dweeb.  The coach complains and the queen's dad is some bigwig and he makes a stink.  So instead of handling the situation like adults, they "forget" to tell the king what time the float is leaving so he misses it.

I feel bad because the dweeb hangs out with me and my friends (and I have a crush on him).  Cue angst and emo rock anthem.  Makes me want to egg or TP something on his behalf.

(In the interest of equality, feel free to genderswap the scenario to suit.)

The worst part is I'll be forty-f'n-four in a coupla months and you'd think I'd have left these feelings behind with pimples.  Now I'm gonna go cut home-ec (laundry and cleaning the kitchen floor) and watch ash48's new We Are the Champions video again.

Tags: rant, spn
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