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Veggie garden 2011

Just wanted to post the veggie garden round-up for 2011.

Beans - 3.593 kg (all frozen)

Carrots - 1 kg

Cherry tomatoes - 156

Cucumbers - 8.157 kg

Peppers - 9

Tomatoes - 98

Canned 1.5 bushels of tomatoes from the farmer's market. Pickled .25 bushels of cucumbers and added about a half of our own cuke harvest. Tried radishes but they just went straight to roots. Guessing our ground's too hard or weather got too warm. The leaf lettuce was great and we were able to eat from it right through the second week of August before it bolted. The spinach got washed out in early summer rainstorms shortly after planting. Note to move the peppers further up in the garden to get more light. It was a lovely year for marigolds which bloomed until almost Thanksgiving. Unheard of.

The Burpee seed catalog is here......is it spring yet?

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