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SPN 6.03 The Third Man and Soon

 First off, this episode was just purely gross.  Thank goodness for fast forward.  No No NO, don't take the dead cop's hat off.

I just love Dean and his snark about Sam's car.  I love that he cut Sam off in a race that Sam had no idea was even taking place.  Reminds me of my kid calling a trip up the stairs a race when she is already two steps from the top and I'm still at the bottom.  I'm also a big sister and remember when I had to be first into the house or the car always.  

And then Sam's car is flattened by falling angels.  Hmmm.  How did Sam get the car in the first place.  It's pretty upscale and up-to-date compared to what he usually drives when he's not with Dean.  Where'd he get the cash or did he steal the car?  Can you buy a car on a fake credit card?  I can just see him applying for a loan and being asked for his most recent address and several previous.  Would that be Hell and your brother's car?  That probably gets you a great credit rating.

I liked the title but didn't know much about the movie I'm guessing it came from. Our radio station played a bunch of old radio shows when I was a kid and I used to listen to Harry Lime.  About all I could remember was the theme song.  I went looking to see if there were any things in common with the episode and the movie.  I couldn't tell from the description so I'll have to watch it.  While I was looking, I found info on the philosophical Third Man Argument which I confess is beyond my comprehension.  It looks like Aristotle used it to challenge some notion of Plato's about Forms.  If you're curious, I found one simplification.  Who was the third man in the episode?  Cas was probably the intended one but does he even count as a man if he's an angel?  Could have been the third cop.  Or the third angel.

Then at the end there was the "soon" segment.  Looks like some kind of truth will be revealed.  It might be something about Sam but I got to wondering.  What if Dean finds out that Sam heard a lot about his torture skills in Hell?  Maybe Sam's run into Dean's victims.  Could be why it came up in a discussion with the Campbells.  I hope we find out something about what's up with Sam.  He's missing part of his conscience or his humanity.  OK, I suppose a trip through Hell would do that.  
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