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SPN 7.10 - Filming, lighting and geeky stuff

Whether or not Bobby is dead, this episode was a lovely send-off for my favorite character.  I've been bracing for this since Sera discussed the overall arc of the season.  I loved the filming and lighting in this episode.  The transitions between Bobby's mind and the outside world as well as all the doors Bobby went through in his own mind were great.  I also really liked the lighting changes as Bobby's brain began to go dark as well as the way Sam and Dean were filmed at the hospital.  Below are caps of some of what I liked as well as some trivia.

Throughout the episode, there is the theme of everything breaking; Karen's (and everyone else's) broken heart, broken dishes, broken glass.  

The slow motion milk glass breaking reminded me a lot of Sam's dropped cup of coffee when he finds John's body at the end of 2.01.   This last shattering image is awesome because it looks like Dean makes a direct hit on "trauma center" and for Dean and Sam, this really will be the center of their trauma.

The hospital sign even has a shattered look to the logo (in our favorite colors of distress - red and yellow).

The transition from Rufus smashing a sledgehammer into the vault to wheeling Bobby into the ER through a door was also great filming.  I have no gif skill so these are just caps.

Here's my favorite example of the lights going out in Bobby's mind: the reflection of the moon dimming on the window as Bobby's looking out.

I also really like how Sam and Dean were filmed surrounded by bars from blinds lending to the claustrophobic feel of the wait at the hospital.  I particularly like how most of the shots of the organ donor coordinator were shot over Dean's shoulder though a window with blinds.

Looming Dean adds to the trapped feeling.

Sam's just hanging on.

The diffused light on Sam and Dean in Bobby's memory emphasizes the dying light and the memory quality as it focuses on them.  The early ones have a lot more exterior light. Plus here's a great shot of dorky Sam.  Who could resist?

For the record, both licorice and bananas are gross.  Dean probably goes for Ouzo though (shudder).  The diffuse light is on Bobby at the end also or maybe it's just me watching through tears.

I like how Bobby's solution for dealing with the reaper is kept in a book like so many of his other solutions.

I loved Rufus being there and I like how you could guess that he and Bobby are in a "pest" control partnership based on Rufus's uniform. It's kind of like B & E Salvage when Bobby was married to Ellen. (Plus bonus Rufus goofy expression.)

Just because I've been tracking this all season, there were more orange flowers with people in distress but not so over the top as in some of the other episodes.  On spnematography, there was also a discussion of yellow diner waitress uniforms for dangerous dining situations.  Bobby's mom's dress is pretty close and she's in the role of waitress here even without the diner.

Is this a redressing of Bobby's house for his memories or did he end up living in the house he grew up in?  It looks an awful lot like his kitchen layout.  If he lived there, he never really left the scene of any of his heartbreak, he was always surrounded by it. He also ended up killing two family members in that house to save his life or someone else's all before he was even aware of hunting.  

There are orange flowers in the wallpaper in the room where Bobby interacts with Karen.  At the beginning, they seem to only be in shots with Bobby but as Karen becomes more upset, they are behind her also.

Finally we get to the reason Bobby fought so hard to get a message to Sam and Dean.  Here are the numbers that Bobby wrote down at the beginning of his memory.

When I googled that number, I got a link to the NCIB genome information showing it to be a gene on the 17th chromosome of a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes).  Maybe we're heading toward the Planet of the Apes.  Maybe Dean will get to reenact some of Clint Eastwood's other movies besides westerns.

When Bobby writes on Sam's hand at the end, he misses the last number.  I don't know if this is deliberate or a continuity error.

Bobby's hand drops right after this and we had the scene for which Kleenex was invented.  To sum up, idjit means I love you.  Jim Beaver has always done a great job with Bobby's character and he knocked this one out of the park.  I'm going to miss him and Bobby both.  It does make me nervous about the possibility of season 8 though. I hope the Cas fans get to have a final episode where Cas gets to have this kind of a send off, a hero's goodbye like Ellen, Jo and Gabriel, rather than just exploding into Leviathan goo.  

All caps from Home of the Nutty.

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