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SPN 7.09 - Orange, red and goo

I liked that so much better than last week.  Ben Edlund's episodes are always just so gross.  Nice cliffhanger, too.

Here's what I liked.
Glampers - it's not camping if the mosquitos are smaller than hummingbirds, you're not sleeping on rocks, you don't smell like campfire and the weather isn't out to get you.  The contrast between them and the boys squatting was cool.

The guys hunting together and the Bambi talk.  (Did you hear the nature sounds soundtrack behind some of that?)

Bobby's "well I'll be a squirrel in a skirt"

All the swipes at business and politics.  The TV pundit declaring "he's ruthless but good looking. I think he'll make a great candidate" and Roman's comments about unlimited growth and being a shark and how sharks have got to eat.

Stoned!Dean - Jensen rocked.


I tend to like Ben Edlund episodes and Guy Bee's direction.  The gross-out factor was just so high.  It was fun to have an episode that poked a bit of fun at American Thanksgiving which we're celebrating this week.  A lot of the color cues from the last couple of episodes showed up again.  They continued the use of red and yellow in danger situations.  A lot of red/orange/yellow danger and warning signs showed up at the beginning of the episode as the boys were figuring out the problem.  The Biggerson's sign was a big clue.

Yeah, we should have known it was the sandwich just from the nasty red/orange X marks the spot on the top of the sandwich.  It just screams SPN danger here.

All I could think as it started was "Soylent Green is people."

Here's poor Ranger Rick - he has no idea what's in store.  He's got nasty red/yellow peril flowers in the background and his ranger patches are yellow/red.  He's just marked for disaster.

Is it common in Vancouver for restaurants to offer chopsticks even if the food offered isn't typically eaten with them?

The couch holding the experiment subjects has more orange flowers.

More of the colors in the CEO office.

Here was maybe a bit of foreshadowing.

Memorial trenchcoat and baseball hat.

I just liked this shot of Dean.

Oh, Bobby.

Best case scenario is that he ends up in coma and recovers, but this is SPN and main characters die all the time so I really wouldn't be surprised if Bobby dies.  It at least ramps up the suspense.  I always kind of thought the series would end with Bobby standing over two wrapped bodies dropping the match.  Of all the characters on the show, I'm probably most like him in the crabby, clutter, books everywhere way.  He always cared and kept on plugging.    

I wonder if this will be the reason for Dean to pull it together or if it will be the last straw.  I think we got a good idea of how Dean will be without Bobby after his message when he thought Bobby might be dead in the house fire.  We've seen Dean after John's death with volatile behavior and reckless violence.  He was in a better spot emotionally when John died than he is now.  Even when Dean was buzzed from the first sandwich, he was still drinking.  Sam thinks Dean isn't Dean since his wall cracked.  Really, he's been on a downward slide since John died, maybe before that when Sam left.  He almost hit bottom when he went off to say yes to Michael and basically wrote a suicide note.  He managed to pull back a bit but none of it went away and more crap got added.  Sam better be in a good spot because he's about to have his hands full with Dean.  
At this point I was going to go on about Dean's mental health but frankly I didn't want to make the day harder for anyone struggling with any of the emotional pieces Dean's dealing with.  In real life, this stuff can be beaten and life can get better.  It's worth it.  In the end, I hope SPN treats this realistically and with compassion.  

All caps from http://homeofthenutty.com
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