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So Long, Tom Keith

Tom Keith, sound effects man extraordinaire, passed away on Sunday.  His amazing range of sounds and characters could be heard on the radio show, A Prairie Home Companion, and he was the voice of Jim Ed Poole, co-host of Minnesota Public Radio's morning show until 2008. He'd been on The Morning Show from about 1971.  In between playing an eclectic mix of folk, jazz and show tunes, Poole with his co-host, Dale Connelly, would create commercials for fake products or made-up funny news stories.  Garrison Keillor did a fake interview of Tom Keith where he does a huge bunch of sound effects.  This is him doing the sounds on the 12 Days of Christmas while Garrison sings.  

The Morning Show aired on our public radio station for most of my growing up years.  When we'd have delayed school day starts because of snow, we'd have to go sit in my Dad's office to wait out the morning and that was when I got to hear the show.  In addition to all the characters he did, he would cover the sports and was introduced something like "he knows all, tells some, Mr. Sports, Mr. Action, Mr. Jim Ed Poole."  When I moved to Minnesota a lot of years later, I got to listen every morning until 2008 when the show went off the air.  It was great to have something familiar to come to.  So long Mr. Keith and thanks for all the laughs.
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