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SPN 7.05 - all that orange

I've liked the last couple of episodes.  I'm going to have to post something about the current state of Sam and Dean in another post because it'll take a while to put my thoughts in order for that.  This a whole lot of other interesting stuff that showed up in the sets.

Our favorite Leviathan, Chet, has refined his culinary tastes if the contents of the grocery bag from Jack's Grocery - Eat and Run are any indication.

I would have expected chianti and fava beans.  He's driving a Chevy Malibu, the cheaper cousin of the current Impala.  Enough about him, he'll be back.  I don't think Edgar's going to be too happy.

As Dean's looking for a new case, there is a newspaper with a headline about two brothers killed in a fatal attack.  Looks like we're going with "freaky accidents" though.  Off we go to Prosperity, Indiana where the guys encounter a ton of orange, particularly flowers.  On the way Dean has to stop for more alcohol so he passes by this sign from the Whitefish, MT Gas and Sip where the Leviathan dumped the cheese.  Ironic that the product is the Healthy Family brand.

I don't know if this is nod to Dewey Stevens Wine Cooler.  There's an excavator on site labeled Shymkiw Excavation probably named for special effects supervisor Randy Shymkiw.  We find out during the investigation that Mr. Stevens was a champion pecan pie baker.  Poor Dean.

Mr. Stevens was also doing business with Jerry Wanek, the SPN production designer, for basic art.  A picture of him and his dog ends up at the auction.

Then Chet shows up to the lovely motel room celebrating Indiana basketball and the Indianapolis 500.

That's the same weird minstrel lamp from last week.

The latticework on the outside of the motel is the same that we saw from inside Amy's room where Dean killed her in 7.03.

Someplace during the ep, Dean says "spoiler alert" and if I hadn't been on LJ, I'd never have known what he was talking about.  After he bewitches Chet, Mr. Stark says, "Good God, what is that thing"  which is pretty close to a quote near the end of Princess Bride.  Prosperity, Indiana, is fairly close to Cicero, where Dean lived with Lisa.  It's an unincorporated town in Madison County which in turn is known for bridges and a Clint Eastwood romance.

It was really fun to watch this ep after seeing the outtake that Jared posted earlier in the week.  That Jared was trying to get Jensen to crack was obvious but it wasn't until I saw the real scripted scene that I saw how much Jensen adlibbed the bits about Mary Lou Retton.  He just stayed in character snarking away.  They are both so awesome.

caps from http://homeofthenutty.com  and true_fellings
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