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SPN 6.02 What's up with the Campbells?

I liked 6.02 well enough.  What is Grandpa up to though?  Who's he working for?  If the Campbells are such awesome hunters of such long standing, how come John never ran into them?  Why didn't these cousins show up for all the apocalypse stuff?  You'd think the appearance of the Four Horseman would ping the radar of anyone who knew about hunting.  Even Roy and Walt knew something was up.  Demons must have talked to somebody sometime.  

As far as the Campbells being all about family, for heaven's sake, one of them got taken out by a shifter and they seem like it was just another day at the office.  I was glad the shifter showed up and got the kid.  It's bad when you root for the monster because you think maybe leaving a baby in the hands of these humans would be cruel to the baby.  

I worry for Sam (if he is all the way Sam).  He seems to trust these people.  Maybe he should have learned about trust after Ruby, heh?  If the Campbells are hauling in the big bad monsters, is Sam on their list?  Who knows if he came back with any kind of his old power after Hell.  Also if all these creatures are acting so far out of their normal behavior, are Sam and Samuel passing some kind of test that a demon would normally not pass?

I'm really with Dean on this.  Be as suspicious as possible.  I wonder what's next? 
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