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SPN 7.03

I liked the episode. Jensen did a good job with directing this one, especially since it seemed more complicated than Weekend at Bobby's. I was surprised they wrapped up the whole "Bobby is missing" thing and the escape from Leviathan General so quickly.

Liked it:

Bobby and Dean at the hospital
Young Sam (yay Colin)
Learning more about the Winchesters as kids
Young Amy
Sepia tones
Seeing that Lucas still has those crazy bangs
Rufus's house
Dean and Bobby hooked on soaps
Bobby made copies (I'm guessing it's all public domain at this point)
Smart leviathans tracking credit cards

I was glad we didn't have to worry that Amy's kid was Sam's. I was afraid that was where we were headed.

Hated it:

Cheese sauce! Double ugh!

What everybody was talking about:

Did Dean make the right choice to kill Amy? They made Amy sympathetic and I could understand why Sam let her go. She also killed four people and Dean draws the line at monsters killing people. He said nearly the same thing to Amy that he told Madison in Heart. He was sorry but he knew they'd kill again. I was mostly upset because he told Sam that he trusted him and then went and killed Amy anyway. I thought we were done with lying and sneaking around. These guys just don't seem to learn. I was also bothered by the whole confrontation with Amy's kid. Dean seemed like he forgot the kid would be around. He was pretty cold with the kid but I was also surprised that the kid took it all so calmly. He didn't run to his mother. It's kind of like he expected it to happen.

So Sam, haven't you learned that where Dean is concerned it's a really bad idea to go sneaking off to see sketchy women? You took the car without telling Dean. What are you thinking? You're lucky he only punched you. Dean, your brother's had numerous head traumas recently and punching him is just getting him closer to permanent brain damage.

A last couple comments. Dean's in a really awful spot emotionally. He's suicidal with a side order of going postal. All he's got is killing things and watching out for Sam. Part of Dean killing Amy seemed to be Dean doing the hard thing to spare Sam from having to do it. I have to wonder if subconsciously Sam knew Dean would take care of the situation and that's why he told Dean.

Seriously, cheese sauce? I couldn't look.

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