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SPN 7.02

Another really good episode. I just needed to get this down before the next one's on. I don't believe we've seen the last of Cas although maybe without his trenchcoat. I don't think Bobby's dead. He either didn't get home yet or he's in the panic room. I knew they were going to cut the boys off from Bobby and his network but I never considered that they'd burn the house down. The red wallpaper....the books...the Sears artwork...

All the Sam and Lucifer scenes were awesome. Kudos to Mark and Jared for knocking them out of the park. Jensen getting in there first as Lucifer and then as Dean to bring Sam around was all good stuff. His handling of the trenchcoat scene really added a lot to Cas's disappearance. Somebody needed to mourn. Dean's back and forth with Bobby. The whole "I'm fine" bit and Bobby calling bullshit on that. About that...Dean's been suicidal at least since his run-in with Famine. I wonder how he's going to manage the hospital with no alcohol...and leviathans.

Sheriff Mills rocks. I hope we see more of her.

The leviathans are gross but they are scarier for what they mean for Sam and Dean than from their on screen appearance for me. I like Edgar. They seem to pick up the knowledge of the humans they encounter (eat). They don't seem to have a great grasp of human behavior. Cas never really got human behavior either so if their first info came from him, they're probably clueless about some things and maybe that will trip them up enough to get them in the end.

This had to be an Edlund episode with all the blood and ooze splatter. You can really see the B movie monsters and gore here. Guy Bee did a great job with directing and added a lot of great details. His interview with Winchester Radio is geek gold.

Tomorrow is the episode that Jensen directed. I'm looking forward to it. Are we there yet?

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