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Writing to make sense of it

Ten years after September 11, I'm still trying to make sense of the day. I don't really think it's possible but this year I tried writing. I've never done anything like this before. I think it helped.

Adagio in Blue

That morning sky was so blue.

Wailing along about leavin' nobody but the baby, passing the striking construction crew hangin' with their giant balloon rat, I got to work. Wages, workplace safety, solid construction, yeah, we all want that.

Down to the basement office I went to answer your call about a jet and a building. Online CNN showed planes, buildings, people falling out of a blue sky filling with smoke and concrete dust.

Seeking comfort and His blueprint for the reason, we went to church. Sed libera nos a malo (and panic). From Your heavens, miserere nobis. Red, white, blue at half-mast and the skirl of Amazing Grace on repeat.

First responders and construction workers rescued, recovered, reclaimed, breathed in. Retaliation, Bush, WMD, Rumsfeld, anthrax, Homeland Security, shoe bombs, Cheney, stop-loss, Iraq. I didn't notice the sky.

Then, on a sunny Father's Day morning, as her story always begins, our baby opened blue eyes and mirrored the sky. Dona nobis pacem.


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