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SPN 6.20 - The road to hell is paved....

After 6.20, all I'm left with is questions.

So, Cas, haven't we been down this road before? We kind of know where it leads. It's interesting how over the last couple of years the conscience of the show has switched from Sam to Dean. He's the Jiminy Cricket for everybody now. I have no idea where this is all heading, except it's a SPN season finale so I'm sure the angst will be a 9 on the Richter scale.  I'm mostly unspoiled for the final episodes. I only saw the first CW promo. 

I love Crowley so I'm glad he's still around. Mark Sheppard is awesome and Crowley is just such a master salesman for the dark side. I love the new, improved hell - forever waiting in line. There wasn't enough irritating noise though. Kids crying, frustrated parents and Muzak would have made it even more rotten.

I fast forwarded through part of this episode and thought from the images that Dean was somehow raking the leaves in the autistic man's heaven and wondered how that happened.  I was relieved to find out he wasn't in heaven again. I couldn't listen to some of the talk between Cas and the boys. Betrayal and disappointment are harder for me to watch than gross monsters and I don't know when that happened.

So here's my questions.....

Were the 50,000 souls that Balthazar created by unsinking the Titanic to repay Crowley's initial investment?

Are souls part of the weapons that Balthazar has?

What happens to a soul when it is used as a weapon? Is energy being siphoned off leaving some part of the soul behind or is it destroyed as part of this process?  Does the person completely cease to exist if it is destroyed? If Cas uses souls from hell in heaven, are the souls of the damned admitted to heaven? Is the energy demonic in nature?

And what happened to trying to save the person possessed by demons? While torturing the demon with Ruby's knife, there is a human being stabbed at the same time. Last time I knew, demons didn't have to get permission before possessing somebody so we've got innocent bystanders caught, hurt and killed in this mess.

Where's Meg? Where's Balthazar? Did Cas let Dean kill Eve knowing that would foil Crowley's chance to get into purgatory? Is he trying to put something over on Crowley? I'd expect deceit from Crowley. Cas isn't very good at it.

My really big question is about what Sam's soul was being used to power while it was in the cage. Were Lucifer and Michael using bits of it as a power source? I still think Sam did some dark things in hell that he'll have to reconcile when the wall comes down. Maybe he'll have two sets of memories to sort through. I wonder if he knew what Cas was up to.

I've enjoyed this season so far and I hope the finale wraps it up in way that's pretty complete. There are so many ways this could go.
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