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Impala birthday countdown day 12 - 11.04 Baby

I think if I'm going to post caps from episodes with the car in them, I should probably do some from the episode done from the car's point of view. I liked the episode and it gave the show a chance to let us see the car in ways we don't usually get to view. The episode was written by Robbie Thompson and directed by Thomas J. Wright.

Toward the beginning, we got a great shot of the steering wheel with a nice rainbow lens flare.

The boys wash the car and we got to look up through the soapy windows at them.

We got shots of the boys riding in the car that are a bit different from what we usually see.

More lens flare and the chance to really see that with both Winchesters in the front seat, there's not a lot more room.

Plus we got to see how they manage to sleep in the car.

There were more shots looking in the rearview mirror.

Great inclusion of the green cooler.

A gory look at how big the front seat is and the lower part of the steering wheel.

I really like this one with the sun just coming up outside the roadhouse as seen from the backseat.

And the driver picking the music. This is the tape from Swan Song but I'm not sure if they used the older footage or just reused the cassette tape.

Then they head back to the Bunker but like Sam says, they are already home.

All caps are from Home of the Nutty.

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