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Impala countdown day 17 and 16 - Changes over the first ten episodes

When I was looking at caps to try to fill out the countdown, I started at the beginning of Season 1 and thought it was interesting to see how the car was used in the very early filming and what they did differently as they got further into the season. I already looked at the Pilot so this covers episodes 1.02 to 1.10. To do this, I wanted to post a list of the directors. Of the first ten episodes, there are only two repeats.

1.01 Pilot - David Nutter
1.02 Wendigo - David Nutter
1.03 Dead in the Water - Kim Manners
1.04 Phantom Traveler - Robert Singer
1.05 Bloody Mary - Peter Ellis
1.06 Skin - Robert Duncan McNiell
1.07 Hook Man - David Jackson
1.08 Bugs - Kim Manners
1.09 Home - Ken Girotti
1.10 Asylum - Guy Norman Bee

One of the things that stood out to me looking at a whole bunch of Impala caps together is that in some of the very early episodes, they used the same footage of the car driving down the road. (1.02, 1.03 and 1.05)

The other shot that gets used in several episodes is this long distance shot.

This one in particular made think of the scene in Frontier where Sam is seen riding off by horseback from a great distance.

I know there are a few other times where they've reused footage but after the beginning episodes they got away from it pretty quickly. For the rest of these episodes, they use new footage of the boys arriving in or leaving town.

We get a really good look in the trunk in Wendigo.

And again in Skin.

They use the fog or spot lights in Hook Man. These aren't attached to the car in later seasons.

The episodes use the car in shots to varying amounts of time but they all seem to have at least one scene with the brothers talking inside or outside near the car.  I keep having to remind myself that at this point in the life of the show, the boys are living out of their car and motel rooms unless they can squat or camp somewhere.

Here are a few of the highlights from the early part of Season 1 involving the car.

1.02 Wendigo

Sam sleeps a lot in the car toward the beginning of the season.

Sam gets to drive.

1.03 Dead in the Water

1.04 Phantom Traveler

Plus a close-up from the last scene on the car even though the car isn't in the shot.

1.05 Bloody Mary

Sam wakes up from a nightmare about Jess.  The car is also filmed on a rainy night and we see in through the watersplotched window.  Someone else also gets to ride in the car.

As they are driving out of town, Sam sees Jess in a white nightgown standing on the sidewalk. Dean sees Sam.

1.06 Skin

1.07 Hook Man

In which Dean gets a parking ticket he disregards. Toward the end of the episode, he watches Sam in the side mirror and then the camera shows us what he sees.  I like it when they use shots in the mirror and this is the first one I remember seeing looking through the episodes.

1.08 Bugs

I really like how Kim Manners filmed this episode which is unpopular on every rewatch list there is. It starts with Sam sitting on the car reading the paper while Dean is hustling pool. At some point, the car actually gets to spend the night in a garage. Sam gets to drive again.

1.09 Home

1.10 Asylum

Not much Impala in this one but it still had some moments talking by the car.

All in all, a pretty good start to a show that would run through a hopefully promised 13 seasons.

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