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SPN 6.19 - Red, Yellow, and Green

Just a couple of things I saw as I watched this episode.  Throughout this season people have commented on the use of yellow, red and green and what they might represent.  There was a ton of it in this episode.  Maybe no more than the other episodes but it jumped out at me.  The red and yellow is all over the bar, the town and the diner.  The house of the dead-Ed's is one hot mess of it.  Even Eve's dress and Ryan's shirt fit in.  On top of that, there was a lot of blood.  Then toward the end of the episode, at the sheriff's department and the diner, there is this sick institutional green.  None of these colors ever seem to go with anything pleasant.  Here's red and yellow caps...

Here's the green...

That last cap is cool because you can see Dean reflected in the glass.  

People have commented on how the film shots of the guys and kids in the car linked Dean with the older boy, Joe, and Sam with Ryan.  They also played it up with the way the kids were dressed with Joe in layers and a jacket like Dean and Ryan in a shirt and hoodie like Sam was a lot early in the show.  They continued it by marking up Ryan's face with blood in the same way they did with Sam when he was drinking demon blood.

Some people have done metas about maybe red being for hell and blue for heaven with green indicating lies and wrongness and yellow being danger.  There was hardly any blue at all except for what people were wearing, mostly Dean, Sam and Bobby.  What blue Cas has on is covered in blood in pretty short order.

Caps from crystalcaps.

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