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Impala birthday countdown day 19 - 3.02 The Kids Are Alright

I'm going to finish out this week with random episodes and today's is 3.02 The Kids are Alright. The episode was written by Sera Gamble and directed by Phil Sgriccia. I have mixed feelings about this episode. SPN excels at creepy children and this episode has a bunch of them. I'm not a big fan of Ben but I liked Lisa and thought between the MotW and what all was going on with Sam, it was a good episode. And Sam, working so hard to find a way to save Dean and walking right into present and future trouble, Ruby. I like Ruby no matter who plays her and this episode was her big reveal as a demon.

The Impala shows up several times, mostly as transportation and a place to use the phone for Dean. I like the way Phil Sgriccia sets up scenes and uses the car though. The episode opens with Dean dropping Sam off to hang out at the motel while he goes goes see if he can reconnect with Lisa. I'm pretty sure this is the same building they use many seasons later for the episode with Prometheus. It makes a great backdrop for the car. That bearded guy shows up again later.

Dean heads off to suburbia to find Lisa. I like how the light looks in the early episodes of any season. It's the warm gold light of late summer into early autumn.

Dean goes to Ben's birthday party and learns that there really is a case in town. He calls Sam from the car to let him know. I like how the camera slowly pans around the side of the car.

Here's a quick peek at Sam's side of the conversation.

And what he's up to.

Hi, bearded guy from the first set of car caps.

The next time the car shows up is when Dean has been to interview the widow of one of the victims of strange random accidents.

He sees Ben at the playground dealing with bullies. Lisa is justifiably suspicious of Dean and tells him so.

There is a case with changelings and Sam gets in on the research and finding the missing kids. I'm taking a quick break from the Impala to point out that this kid does an excellent job at the creepy kid thing. Also SPN is one of the few shows that could drown a kid in a car and get away with it.

The boys bring Ben home and Sam heads out for a while to deal with great angst.

Ben settles in with some toy cars and I have to figure at least one is an Impala.

Dean says goodbye to Lisa and I have to wonder if he walked back to town. Sam has his hands full back at the motel. These caps are here for angsting Sam and the crazy red hotel room that just screams out a warning. Danger, danger, Sam.

Danger shows back up at the end and starts to reel Sam in. I'm sure there's a name for this part of running a con (not the Creation kind).

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