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Impala b-day countdown day 19 - Hunted 2.10

When I did the random numbers to figure which episodes to review I got 2.08 first and then right after that, I got 2.10 - Hunted. I wanted to mix it up a bit and see how the filming changed over the seasons so I didn't want to do two from the same season so close together. But then I went back and looked at the episode and it's got some nice caps and I don't have much of a plan so here it is. The episode was written by Raelle Tucker and directed by Rachel Talalay. The caps are still from Home of the Nutty.

I liked this episode when I first saw it and some of the scenes get featured in collections of gifs and caps. There is the scene at the lake where Dean tells Sam he might have to kill him. There's Dean tied to a chair and the reunion after Sam knocks Gordon out. There is also the Blue Rose Motel which has stunning wallpaper. It has Ellen, Ash, Gordon, and Ava plus poor Scott who never gets beyond the teaser but does get White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. And the Impala is here, mostly for a lot of Dean in the car on the phone but still has some nice shots.

The first time we see the car is when Sam sneaks out of the motel to steal a car and go look for answers.

Sam driving off in a stolen car.

The next time we see the Impala, Dean is driving her to go find Sam and he's on the phone with Ellen.

Here's Ellen for old time's sake with some sort of wacky monkey art from the Roadhouse. The black thing on the wall behind her is a rotary phone if anyone here is unfamiliar with analog communications hardware. 8-) I miss the sound of the dial but not much else about them.

Dean catches up with Sam in Indiana. Turns out to be a funky town.

Dean pulls up and we see him see Sam through a window.

Then he sees that Sam is with a woman at the motel.

The rest of the episode happens and at the end we see Dean looking at Sam through the window of the car while he's warning Ellen that somebody's been talking about things (Sam) that they shouldn't have been.

Seriously, don't.

Then Sam and Dean head out and have a talk about going to Amsterdam but they decide to stick it out. I really like the fog in this first shot.

Along the way, Sam tries to get hold of Ava.

Seriously, Amsterdam.


No, jerk.

Since they can't get hold of Ava and Sam has a bad feeling about it, off they go to check on her.

Seriously bad.
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