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Impala countdown day 20 - Shut Up, Dr. Phil 7.05

The episode for today is Shut Up, Dr. Phil, 7.05 written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming and directed by Phil Sgriccia. This episode is somewhere between the previous two write-ups as to how the car is used. There are some definite similarities with all three. There are shots of the car arriving in town, the car used as a stakeout, and as a place for Sam to try to get Dean to talk about his feelings and Dean having none of it. This is after Dean killed Amy Pond but before Sam finds out about it. There are some differences too. The car gets to haul leviathan Chet back to Bobby's house so Bobby is still alive at this point and the boys haven't had to put the car on ice yet.

Here they are arriving in Indiana. Amongst the cars on the road, the Impala is one of very few of the cars driving without her headlights on. This might be because she's old enough not to have automatic daytime running lamps unlike more recent cars.

They go investigate a construction site and later to a house to do an interview. The shots at the house look lovely with bright sun.

When they do a close-in series of shots with the boys talking over the car roof, their reflections show on the shiny paint.

Sam fakes a breakdown to have a cover while Dean searches the home of Mrs. stark. Fakes the car having a breakdown, not Sam for the time being.

Later, they leave and we get a shot of raindrops on the roof.

The boys go do a stakeout and call Bobby and this section has some nice film of the boys through the windshield with light and trees reflected around them.

From here, they do a couple of less than subtle stakeouts. They actually do a lot of sitting in the car during this episode.

Just ignore this classic car hanging out in your neighborhood where you haven't seen it before.

I like that Dean thinks the ducking is going to help make them less noticeable. I doubt that Sam can do too much ducking anyhow.

When all is said and done, they have helped to save the Stark's marriage and left them standing even though they've killed people just to get at each other during their fighting. A lot different from Amy killing to keep her kid alive. Just saying. In return, Mr. Stark bags them a leviathan who they load in the backseat.

From there, they have another talk over the roof of the car. This one leaves Sam totally frustrated. And water is wet.

Then off to Bobby's. I like the red lights warning of trouble to come.

So, lots of Impala in this episode and some nice camera work to put reflections to good use.
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