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Impala birthday countdown day 22 - Crossroad Blues

I started the birthday countdown on a whim without a real plan for what I would post but I really like looking through episode screencaps so I used a random number generator to pick an episode and I got Crossroad Blues, episode 2.08. When I watched the first bunch of seasons, I didn't pay to much attention to where the camera was placed or how they used light in a shot. When I went back to look for scenes with the Impala, some really nice caps turned up. These are all from the Home of the Nutty. Steve Boyem directed this episode written by Sera Gamble. It's a pretty solid episode but then season 2 is my favorite and there were lots of good ones that year. I like the way they incorporate the legend of Robert Johnson, the blues guitarist, and his alleged crossroads deal.

The first time the car shows up is outside the Animal Protection Agency where Dean has gone to get information about reports of a large black dog. The camera starts off looking through the car with Sam in it and then comes around outside to Dean approaching the car. The shot from inside the car is an interesting angle and a nice way to start the scene. The reflections on the car's paint job and back window in the later part of the scene are also really nice.

The scene ends with the boys in the car and a nice smile from Sam. I like it when you can see the details inside the car.

The next time we see the car, she's at Lloyd's Bar at the crossroads where demon deals are being made. The camera starts behind Dean's door which he opens and gets out. The camera pulls away and up so we eventually get a good look at the full crossroads. The sun adds nice light to the scene and the yellow yarrow is pretty. I like the way we can see the boys feet through it.

We see the car twice more in the episode. Dean tries to use the car as a lure to trap the demon in the devil's trap he hid under the car. She sees it and gets mad and backs Dean up under a wooden water tower where Dean's also put a trap and she's stuck. Always have a backup plan.

Not really car related but worth noting that Sam put himself bodily between Evan and the hellhound. He's a good guy, that Sam.

The last time we see the car is at the end of the episode when Sam and Dean are leaving town and they talk about John's deal and how Dean feels about it. The whole discussion takes place in the car at night and somehow that's an easier place to talk about emotional things than most places, maybe because you don't have to look directly at someone, especially if you're the driver like Dean is. The show uses this as a place for the brothers to talk something out (or deflect like Dean does here) pretty often.

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