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May 2, 2011

First off, it's May 2 and it's still snowing.  What's up with that?  

I woke up to the news that Osama bin Laden's been killed.  I told my child because I'm sure it will be talked about in school and we had the news on.  We've talked a little about 9/11 before this.  She wasn't even born when it happened and it's hard to convey the feelings I had during that horrible day.  Her questions this morning centered on why other people were killed in the raid and what a burial at sea means.  I wonder how she will internalize all of this and the war on terror in general.  As a kid, I grew up wondering when an atom bomb (ours or someone else's) was going to blow up the world.  It felt like such a big change in the whole world and how it worked when the Berlin Wall came down.  I know comparing the Cold War with the whole war on terror is like comparing apples and oranges but as a child the Cold War framed my sense of security and the way I thought about other nations, governments and cultures.  I wonder what kids use now to frame their world view with easy access to so much media and social networking online. 

On a happier note that doesn't require a whole lot of philosophy, today is Sam Winchester's birthday.  He's been through a whole lot since we were introduced to this college kid in Season 1.  Jared Padalecki's done a lot of good growing as an actor in all that time, too.  I tend to relate to Dean a lot more probably because of where I fall in the birth order in my family.  However, if Sam wasn't such a likable character with a basically good core despite all the bad crap going on with him, the reason for Dean's obsessive care and concern for him would be completely lost.  I really like how even when Sam has been heading for self destruction, he's always been redeemable and his personality is such that you can't help but like the guy and root for him to get it together.  So happy birthday Sam, good heart, puppy dog eyes, bitch face, hotness and all.

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