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Art on last night's SPN ep

I am still only half way through season 11 and don't know when I'll get a chance to catch up but I saw some screen caps of what Sam and Dean were wearing during part of Rock Never Dies and skimmed through my iTunes ep. As I was scrolling through, a piece of art jammed in the corner of a hotel lobby caught my eye. I see the SPN props crew still has a sense of humor laced with sarcasm and irony. I do love that about them.

I have no idea when this ep was filmed in relation to the US election so I don't know whether to take this as political commentary or not in light of the outcome. I know the US flag or the stars and stripes show up a lot in the background on SPN. They used to show up when freedom was a theme for an episode or they wanted to play up the Americana aura of the show. Unfortunately, I have no idea how this relates to anything currently happening on SPN. I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusion as to whether the artist thinks the US needs life jackets or the US should provide them. I'm not too concerned about spoilers so feel free to comment on how it all might fit in with the ep or the season. I do highly approve of the wardrobe choice for the ep though. Also, the water cooler in that same lobby with the limes will help prevent Dean from getting scurvy on any long sea voyage, with or without a life jacket.

Carry on.



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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 3rd, 2016 12:05 pm (UTC)
You all will have to tell me after next week if that was part of it. I have no idea what is going on at this point.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 4th, 2016 06:12 pm (UTC)
I haven't even managed to rewatch the ep yet, but I'm glad you ID'd those as life jackets. Otherwise I probably would've wondered why the hotel lobby has stuffed socks tied to each other hanging around. XD
Dec. 4th, 2016 09:24 pm (UTC)
I saw them go by so fast the first time, I had to back up and see what they were. Stuffed socks are pretty plausible too for a first glance. Maybe that would explain the state of the nation....
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