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Notes from a road trip

Today, I traveled 600 miles in a pick-up with my husband, kid, and our two dogs. It took about 12 hours to make our way from the Twin Cities in Minnesota to the woods in Michigan just south of the Mackinac Bridge. It was a beautiful day to drive - clear blue sky and not too hot. We traveled along the northern edge of Lake Michigan and the water was fairly placid today. The late afternoon sun is starting to get that August glow to it and the wildflowers have changed from the daisies of early July to Queen Anne's Lace.

There were a couple of places I wish I'd had a camera. Eastern Wisconsin has a lot of farms where they must be on a second cutting of hay. The corn is also getting pretty tall. We drove past cows, a herd of donkeys and then a large field full of sheep. All over, there are barns with quilt block patterns painted on the end. I want to do that here at our Michigan place. I just have to pick a pattern and colors. Probably not the drunkard's path or storm at sea but I'm sure I can find something good. Of all the lovely things we saw today, my favorite was driving by two large fields of sunflowers. So much yellow and so cheerful. That's when I wanted a camera.

This is also election season and there are signs everywhere for this and that. Someone running in Michigan for US Congress, I think, has the name Lon Johnson. Some graffiti artist added a well placed G, turning the sign into an advertisement of a different sort.

The other thing that I saw worth noting made my think of my flist. (Spellcheck told me there are no replacements to be found for flist. So true.) Anyhow, we drove by a diner with a sign out front announcing Taco Tuesdays. I wished so hard for there to be someone who would appreciate the true value of the question, 'do these tacos taste funny to you?'

Goodnight, all.
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