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Anzac Day, SPN, and the Numa Numa song

Warm wishes to anyone commemorating Anzac Day, a day of remembrance for those in Australia and New Zealand.  The only bits I know about the actual WWI events that this day initially remembered came from a song by Eric Bogle, And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.   Sometimes it's played in the US around Memorial Day by radio shows featuring folk music.  You can watch Eric sing it in concert here.  It's been covered by lots of folks including the Pogues.

With the Easter holiday, I haven't been able comment about the last couple episodes of SPN.  I've liked them both. They've been a good mix of funny and advancing the plot.

I'm probably one of the few people who's never seen Titanic but I've seen documentary footage of the wreck.  I like the band Gaelic Storm that performed in the movie during some scene of a party in steerage.  As for the episode, it was great to see Ellen again and her interactions with Bobby were awesome.  I'm glad Cas's story is getting somewhere.  Atropos confronting him brought out a lot about the consequences of choosing freedom and about responsibility for messes you create.  How can people not see that Cas is lying about something?  He's an awful liar and it gets worse in the following episode.  The bittersweet ending with Dean covering Bobby with the blanket while Sam looked on concernedly was pure schmoop of the best sort.

It was fun to see SPN poke fun at the librarian image.  Atropos didn't have a bun, glasses on a chain, or say Shhhhh like most portraits of librarians and that was refreshing.  I doubt I'm Sam or Dean's kind of librarian but more likely Bobby's kind.  The really geeky reference librarian with the desk piled high with old texts, paper clippings and ongoing research who could point you to the passenger lists for ships arriving at Ellis Island in 1912, government statistics about US salt consumption, and the correct way to live trap a skunk as well as repair the copier when a patron's scarf gets sucked in.  

Then, in the next episode, we get Bobby and the boys getting into the Campbell library.  I love it that Dean gleefully found Colt's diary and then wouldn't let Sam hold it.  They really are brothers.  There was so much to love about Frontierland, from the Bonanza style map burning opening to the 'telegram for Mongo' reference.  The soundtrack for the episode was perfect. Watching Dean get so excited about going back to cowboy times made me wish he'd really gotten a chance to be a typical kid. Sam's talk with Mr. Colt sadly showed how much Sam's moved away from ever having the 'safe' life of a lawyer.  Samuel Colt was great as well as was showing a possible connection with Elkins.  I love the color filters they shot the 1861 scenes with. The shootout scenes with the closeups of Dean and Finch were beautiful.  I like how the squeaky metal sign for the courier shows up in the opening section and then ties in with the delivery guy's company logo on his coat.  The phoenix's name Elias Finch is doggone close to Alias Finch.  It's great to see the continuation of the question of what makes a monster.  The jail cell discussion with Finch and watching Dean's face were telling.  Finch's claim that he couldn't be killed and Dean's facial reaction showing that he knew better were revealing.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the season and I hope they get renewed. 

With the Easter holiday, I had the Kid about the house a bit more.  We saw a Master and Commander video by [info]swiss_kun using the Numa Numa song.  The Kid has insisted upon repeated viewings and now I have this stuck in my head.  In a list of related videos, we found a fan vid for the same movie using the Discovery Channel's Boom De Yada ad song.  Between these two of lovely tunes, I will be looney by this evening, if not already.  In case you'd like to tread the same path....

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