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Hopes for SPN season 11

Season 11, can you believe it? Here's my list of what I hope from this season. It should be spoiler free as long as you know what happened in the last ep of season 10. I'll put it under a cut anyhow.

Mostly in very random order.....

For the death of Death to mean something, specifically for Dean who killed him.

That the Darkness will have more to it than something that can take humanoid form or possess someone.

Creeping. Lethal. Fog.

Good monster of the week episodes.

That Sam and Dean (or Cas) are not the big bad and that they can be a united team fighting whatever is.

The return of Jody, maybe Ellen somehow or Mrs. Tran, the Golem not as MotW, some of the early Men of Letters like the two from the Oz episode.

Incorporation of someone else's version of creation than just the one from Genesis.

The Jersey Devil or some other legendary monster from some part of the rural US and maybe some other magic like hex symbols from the Pennsylvania Dutch area.

Continuation of the great show sets including more awesome motel rooms.

A Night Vale reference.

Humor in good balance with angst.

Classic rock, the car, and general badassery from the boys.

Sam F*#%ing Winchester!

Smart Dean....smart Winchesters for that matter.

Character growth over the season that makes sense in regard to all they've been through.

For Sam to find something that is his in the way that the car is Dean's. It doesn't have to be something tangible. I want Sam to want something for himself and to get it.

And I think biggest for me, I need to make peace with Dean. I want to be able to like him again but if that is not possible, I want to be able to figure that out and move on and just enjoy Jensen's performance in a more detached way. I want to be able to see and like Dean as the character that he is on screen, not how I wish he were in my head. I'm not entirely sure what has to happen for me to get to that point but it is really important to me.

Mostly, I want to be entertained and have things to notice, examine and discuss with my flist. I want to enjoy being a fangirl. I feel more positive about it than in the last couple of seasons. Here's hoping. See you all in LJ comment sections the mornings after.

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