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What on earth?

"The world is changed. I feel it in the water." Yeah Galadriel, I hear you. There are pigs flying everywhere, the devil has given Hell the day off to go skating, and LJ added that hearty thing. It must be that thing that happened in Chicago. No, not the dead showing up at the polls. That's next week.

The Cubs won the World Series. For the first time in 108 years. They came back from being down 3 to 1 games in the series which in itself is remarkable. How about all that, zubeneschamali? Pretty amazing. Congrats to the Cubs and to the Indians who came so close, there's always next year. With the end of the baseball season, winter is upon us and the long dark until pitchers and catchers report for spring training next year. See you after hibernation and hockey season.

Inktober - Days 8 and 9

Here are days 8 and 9. The prompts are rock and broken.

Rock, on paper, turtle.....Collapse )

Inktober - Day 7 (I think)

I am now a lot behind and part of it is life which has gotten crazy but part of it was I got carried away with this last drawing and it took a while to finish it while keeping up with life. You know how it goes. The day 7 prompt was lost which led me to think of a Hansel and Gretel kind of story. I like the art nouveau work of Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin. Much of his work was illustrations for Russian fairy tales. I've learned a lot about drawing from attempting to do work in his style. This picture was drawn in pencil but then inked over and details were added with felt tip pen and colored with colored pencils. I think I should try blending the pencil next time.

Drawing under the cut....Collapse )

Inktober - Day 6

Back to pencil for this one. The prompt was

Hidden...see what I did there? ;-)...Collapse )

Inktober - Day 5

Weeping willow for the Inktober sad prompt. This is my first pen drawing. Downside, no erasing but the upside is that it feels smooth going on the paper and made straight lines a little easier.

Inktober - Day 4

It's a bit late but here is my Inktober drawing for day 4's prompt hungry. It was too big to fit on the scanner so it's very light. I also realized that I haven't be doing the drawings in ink so maybe this is Graphitober?

Garden SongCollapse )

Inktober - Day 3

The Inktober prompt for day 3 was collect. What better to collect than books and cats? Maybe books about cats? This one was fun.

Inktober - Day 2

Yesterday's Inktober prompt was noisy. My try at a firetruck.....Collapse )


I forgot about Inktober until I saw amberdreams' post about it. I like the prompts. Last year, I found something for Drawloween so everything was monsters and pumpkins. These look like there's a chance to branch out a little further.

Prompts and art attempt....Collapse )


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